The NFTA See Say App offers the public a quick and discreet method for reporting suspicious activity directly to the NFTA Transit Police. The app can send pictures, text messages, and report locations. The home screen provides two easy options for contacting the NFTA Transit Police:

“Report a Problem”
This button allows users to send text or photos directly to the NFTA Transit Police. Users can send reports anonymously if they chose (the camera flash can be disabled from the app.) When reporting an issue, users can select locations and report categories to assist the NFTA Transit Police.

“Call NFTA Police”
This button will connect customers directly to the NFTA Transit Police.

Reports sent in an area without cellular connectivity will be stored and delivered when connectivity returns. The system is also designed to send text messages before pictures so that the NFTA Transit Police can get reports as quickly as possible.

In addition. . .
BOLO (Be On the Look Out) Alerts BOLO Alerts on the See Say App may display alerts from NFTA Transit Police about specific persons of interest. For example, See Say may display information about a missing person or child, such as where they were last seen. If you see a person from a BOLO, immediately call 911 and send an app report to NFTA Transit Police discreetly.

See Say gives you a way to help keep our community safe.

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